Our range of beautiful, biodegradable, eco-friendly coffins are all suitable for green burial or cremation.

A small selection of our ECO coffins. We can provide many options when it comes to choosing a coffin, from traditional wooden caskets to coffins crafted from willow, wicker, bamboo, banana leaf, cane, cardboard, seagrass, and wool.
All prices shown are for standard sizes only.
wicker coffin with pink spray

Our beautiful traditional  natural willow (wicker). Excellent quality, with natural cotton lining. Available in chestnut or light willow. Supplied with a wooden nameplate. This is a photo of one of our coffins we created.

Seagrass Oval

hand woven

made using sustainable materials, are readily biodegradable and are suitable for all types of natural or traditional burial and have also been tested for their suitability and are accepted for cremation.



Natural Legacy is a range of environmentally friendly woollen coffins and caskets which offer a comforting and soft alternative to the traditional wood coffin

Supporting  British Farmers by buying their wool through the Quality Assurance Scheme.

Contemporary style with comfortable handling. Each coffin or ash casket is completed with a personalised hand embroidered woollen name plate

The Rainbow coffin is woven from our highest quality dyed willow and buff, the most sought after basketry willow.

It is also available in the classic ended style, and assorted colours.

Available with matching ashes casket.


This premium cardboard coffin provides a simple less expensive no nonsense alternative to all other coffins on the market.

You can paint or decorate the coffin as you require


The Forester

Warm Pine, all natural wood



Genuine Somerset Willow

Made in England.

Beautiful Willow/wicker coffins.

Available in any combination of colours.

Lovingly created by Musgrove Willows


willow stretcher and shroud.webp

Our  Somerset Willow  stretcher and  shroud



The Avalon. White wicker. Handmade in  Somerset. Naturally dyed. Available in any bespoke colour and design. Traditional or curved style . From £699

Burials and cremations can both have an impact on the environment, using resources and energy. Traditional Coffins are often made using formaldehyde, may be made of wood from unsustainable sources and transported over long distances; plus metal and plastic fittings do not biodegrade. Choosing a coffin made from a sustainable source will help, as will choosing an eco friendly material such as wicker, bamboo or cardboard.