" On a Saturday morning in February, 400 people arrived at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. Dressed in their finest lace, sequins and suits, they laughed and chatted as they took their seats. Latecomers filled up the back of the grand church until, at 11am precisely, a ballerina walked over to the middle of the altar.

She picked up a violin and launched into an electrifying rendition of Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever. Guests looked on in hushed awe as she whirled around the church. The funeral of Gary Feiertag had officially begun "

From popular personalised colourful coffins,  the Atkinson Pathway picture coffin or the stunning 14 karat gold plated American casket. The choice is vast. Our newest range "the Glitter Coffin " comes in a range of colours. These are all available from Newbury & Sons. We have an in store App for you to design your own coffin


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