" The telephone will always be answered by a funeral director "

Proud to be  a finalist for

" care of the deceased"


We are a Female owned Independent Family Funeral Directors

 Many funeral directors are now part of big corporate companies, with shareholders, and your telephone call will most likely be answered by someone at a call centre. Many businesses have been brought out by large corporations. There isn't any change of name on the premises, and they are careful not to advertise who they really are. There are very few Independent Funeral Directors left in the Lincolnshire area. Be sure to ask  the right questions. 

Trained since school leaving age by some of London's most well know independent funeral directors. Diploma in Anatomical Pathology. CAPT Royal Institute of Public health with honours. Diploma skin camouflage Royal Liverpool University.

Even though this is a female owned business, we are able to offer male or female staff. We regularly attend other funeral directors who wish to have qualified professional females to care for their relatives. 

Our staff  are fully trained  in care of the deceased. Whether they are bearers or funeral directors they are able to assist members of the family and friends at all times. All our staff are enhanced CRB checked.

Our funeral uniform consist of the traditional top hat, morning coat, cane and gloves. We can accessorise in any colour or style you wish.

We are happy to dress in less formal wear if you require.

Our premises are designed to be a relaxing home from home.

We offer multi faith and secular funeral's.

We can offer you the most traditional of funerals, or a completely modern one

We are open about our pricing.

Our pricing page shows standard prices for coffins, urns etc. We have prices to suit all budgets


Our premises

All our facilities available for use by the public are designed to help put people at ease. 

We have  modern climate controlled mortuary facilities.

Our Chapel / Resting room has armchairs, music and video facilities. Various styles of lighting, including a specially made magical cloud ceiling light.

We are pleased to offer an alternative approach to our Resting room. If families would prefer we have a special  mortuary bed. It offers a closeness not afforded with a coffin or casket. 

You may wish to bring in photographs, flowers, letters and personal items to place in the room.

All styles of religious items are available for display, along with candles.

We are happy for family participation in all aspects of care.

Our shop front is light and airy. We have cremation and memorial jewellery on display. We also sell garden and cemetery memorials and orders for any memorial items you might like us to source for you

 Our doors are always open if you just want to pop in for a chat

We make our own fresh floral tributes. (examples of our work can be seen on our floral page).